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This is another movement which is subject to some differences.  “Tachum” is essentially a description of a rhythmical group but is most commonly used to describe the following:

1.         High ‘G’ gracenote to ‘C’.
2.         D gracenote to low A.
Tachum example CA

1.         High ‘G’ gracenote to ‘B’.
2.         D gracenote to low G.
Tachum example BG
Any two notes which can be said in the rhythm of the word “Tachum” can be described as a tachum.  In orchestral music this feature is referred to as a “Scotch Snap”.  

Exercise 1

Tachum Exercise 1

When you can play this exercises smoothy and with control you are ready to start learning beginner tunes (if you haven't done some on the way) and to start thinking about transition to bagpipes.

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