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All of the links you may wish to use are gathered together on this one page.

A listing here does not say anything about quality of instruction or a band's social environment, or the quality of a products offered by a maker/shop.However, if I get substantiated reports of bands systematically putting off enthusiasts and giving 'piping a bad name, I will remove their link. Otherwise I cannot comment on how good or bad a band is.

If you would like to be listed here please send Lindsay an email.

Links to teachers:

Lindsay Davidson
Richard Kean
Campbell Naismith

Links to makers or sellers of instruments and equipment:

Lindsay Davidson plays instruments made by: Richard Kean (Renaissance Bagpipes), MacLellan (A bagpipes), McCallum (traditional bagpipes), Stirling Bagpipes (smallpipes and borderpipes),Juraj Dufek (medieval bagpipes)

MacLeod Highand Supplies
MacLellan Bagpipes (USA)
Highland Supplies (Singapore)
Juraj Dufek
List of bellows pipe makers
Richard Kean

Links to pipe bands:

Here is a big list of pipe bands in the world

Links to organisations:

Pipes and Drums Magazine
The Piping Press
The Piobaireachd Society
The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association
Irish Pipe Band Association
Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board
Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association
Western United States Pipe Band Association

Other general 'piping links:  
Swedish Bagpipes
 Bob Dunsire discussion forum
Celtic Festival in the Netherlands  
Universe of Bagpipes by Oliver Seeler

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