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Stamina and dexterity exercises

These exercises are indexed according to the specific area they are seeking to challenge.

It is appropriate to repeat here that the most important part of learning to pipe is about understanding - it is a matter of thinking more than moving one's fingers faster.

When having difficulty, please go back to the 'how to practice' page and find out at which of the five stages of the learning process you are tripping up. Nine times out of ten this will identify the problem and at the same time make obvious the solution. Often, it is enough to simply go through the five steps again and the problem disappears.
However, there are times when certain physical aspects need to be strengthened.

Speed of finger movement is less important than understanding the role of proportion in music. Having good technique is not about being able to play more doublings in a tune than anyone else, and faster, but it is about being able to decide exactly what the fingers do and when to make the clearest and most understandable musical statement. Often the relative lengths of gracenotes in embellishments go out of balance when someone speeds up, and this is when things start to go wrong.

Stamina is also important, both mental and physical. The five stages of learning will challenge mental stamina, the 'two minute trick' will address physical stamina in blowing, and here, you will find a number of exercises to address finger stamina.

Please click to go to the following pages for exercises concerning:

Grips 1
Grips 2
Taorluaths 1
Taorluaths 2

When you have completed all of these (and made them part of your regular routine) please go to these exercises, intended to look at specific rhythmical interpretation of embellishments.

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