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Playing in a band

The effect of the big noise of many pipes together is physically embracing and quite striking, and if it doesn't overwhelm you, it will hook you. There are few things as exciting and pleasurable as playing in a pipe band.

The obvious thing to do is lok for a local band.

But if you can;t find one, there are alternative approaches.

Join or start an online piping group (zoom, skype, google meets etc)

The pandemic has brought many new opportnities and comfort with technology which maes it possible to do things we couldn;t contemplate before. One of these is setting up your own musical groups with members scattered far away.

Technology does not yet totally support playing together interactively, but it does make several things possible:

It is possible to play along with someone - they play - you follow (or the whole group follows one person's lead). In this case if you have inaccuracies, you need to monitor themself and also accept the internet sometimes has blips and hiccups.
A discussion of new tunes and approaches to learning them, including a discussion and sharing of knowledge and expertise for problem solving.
A master-student master-class session whereby one person plays and the 'master' gives feedback (sometimes a shared role if appropriate) and a discussion can follow. This will include concrete follow up exercises.
The old fashioned lecture type format where the master presents.
Use the videos from this site and everyone plays along with them, identifying areas of inacuraccies and sharing solutions.

For an online group, you need to use all of these approaches in different measures according to your chosen repertoire and your people.

Guests are welcome in the Clan Davidson Virtual Pipe Band to see how things can be done, and everyone is welcome to use the publically avaiable resources this group has. Please contact Lindsay if you are interested.

It is possible to set up regional or experienced based groups under this broad umbrella.

Start your own traditional pipe band...

Here are full instructions as to what is in the traditional (military-styled) band, what you need to plan for.
Thanks to the pandemic it is now possible to observe a group from anywhere in the world and give help and advice without actually physically being present. You can get in touch for help with this (all free - it is about helping 'piping grow).

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