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The Piper's Flight

Composed by Lindsay Davidson
pipers flight music

Bar 1 the D B B pattern is rhythmically the same as in other tunes, so getting this pattern right once will help you here. It is goo dto know where one pattern helps in many places.
Bar 8 Make the F gracenote cutting the E in the doubling nice and clear. That shape adds a lot to the sense of the tune.
Bar 9 the G E E repetition...uses the same rhythmical pattern as bar 1 D B B...Being ware of this will make it a lot easier to embed this habit in your playing and also to get pleasure from playing thi stune.
Bar 18 and its repetitions - each beat is rhythmically identical. Aain, this can be a source of pleasure and in terms of interpretation it adds to the trance effect that this tune (and the one it is paired with) rely upon.
5. POint 4 above stands true in bar 25 too...rhythmical repetition to create a trance effect, coupled with note repetition to reinforce this.

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