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The Oklahoman

Composed by Lindsay Davidson
oklahoman jig

Composed for the Baron of Ardgowan, commemorating the life and work of his Grandfather, Charles Kerr.

The first opening has a big G gracenote and fits all of the action in a single eighth note. The strikes in the birl are very light. If you choose between your birl types this is a place for the upside down 7.
The E doubling in bar 2 fits into a 16th note, so is also very tight. This crispness gives a certain 'meanness' to the tune.
Bar 8 be careful to mark out the exactness of rhythm as this is like stomping in a dance. It is giving an emphatic finish to the phrase.
The strikes on B in the second part are heavy. You will hear this most clearly in the quarter speed videos.
Bar 11 the high G gracenote diving the E is quite slow. In some interpretations this could be halved in value, but is set this way here to make it easier to play together.

Videos to play along with

High pitch normal speed

High pitch half speed

High pitch quarter speed

Low pitch normal speed

Low pitch half speed

Low pitch quarter speed

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