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Composed by G S McLennan, published in the Gordon Highlanders Collection Volume 1

Accordign to the Gordon Hghanders book where this is published, Nona was GS's grand daughter who passed away when she was 4.


The magic trick about how this tune is coposed is that nothing repeats, yet everything feels like it does.
When playing solo, it is a valid approach to put tiny pauses at the ends of the phrases to mark out each phrase more clearly.
The grips B to C are very short and crisp.  Listen carefully to the slow version of the video to get the proportions correct.
The short F in bar 2 and similar places is all about being like an acciaccatura, 'injuring' the E and creating pathos. In solo playing you may wish to strech it a little beyond what is written, just a tiny bit.
Again, in solo playing , the low G gracenotes to low A can be heavier than written here. This softens the effect and further gives shade and nuance to what can be a very experessive tune.

Videos to play along with

High pitch normal speed

High pitch half speed

High pitch quarter speed

Low pitch normal speed

Low pitch half speed

Low pitch quarter speed

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