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Jock Davidson, Clan Piper

Composed by Lindsay Davidson, 1990s
Jock Davidson, Clan Piper

Jock Davidson, Clan Piper, has been a key and loyal member of the CDA forever. He has enthusiastically and humbly supported everything done by the Association and has also supported 'piping in his area like a true gentleman. Jock has shown the values that made piping something special and is a beacon for those who wish to contribute to the movement in the future.


Structurally, quite a lot of phrases and moments are repeated in this tune, making it easier to remember.
The high A doublings are half the length of the E doublings. The proportions are the same inside the doublings though.
The C and D doublings have the same rhythm as each other.
The timing in the last bar of each part reflects the same timing as in the C and D doublings, just moved to a different position in the beat. This contributes to the sense that there are many repetitions, but the actual difference also contributes to a sense of variety.
The taorluaths are very short and it is important to be careful about maintaining the proportion between the low Gs and other gracenotes. Listen carefully to the very slow files.
6. Some may be tempted to make tachums in bar 3 and the equivalent places. There was a deliberate choice not to do this, as doing so would make the tune 'cutty' and not relaxed and take away the indication of being gentle.

Videos to play along with

High pitch normal speed

High pitch half speed

High pitch quarter speed

Low pitch normal speed

Low pitch half speed

Low pitch quarter speed

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