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Pipe Major Jimmy Inglis, Polmont

Composed by Lindsay Davidson, 1996
Jimmy Inglis

Jimmy Inglis lived in old Polmont and taught Lindsay how to play the pipes. He was Pipe Major of the Wallacestone and District Pipe Band. He died of old age in 1989.


The emphasis for this tune moves from the first beat of the bar to the second in different places.  Be aware of this as you play and it can make extra interest. This point can be manipulated through making the gracenotes introcuing the first beat in the bar bigger.
The semiquavers in bar 14 are a reference to the tune Castle Toward, which Jimmy Inglis taught to give a light bounce to. It might also be worth looking up that tune.
The grips B to C are very short and crisp. The taorluaths are also contained within a quarter of the beat. Listen carefully to the slow version of the video to get the proportions correct.
Thw strikes have been made light in this interpretation.
The doublings have also been kept short and quite tight. Listen carfeully to the videos to emulate this. The gracenotes all close on the beat and the repetition of the note is after the beat, and is very short.

Videos to play along with

High pitch normal speed

High pitch half speed

High pitch quarter speed

Low pitch normal speed

Low pitch half speed

Low pitch quarter speed

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