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Caisteal Gorach

Composed by Lindsay Davidson, 2009
Caisteak gorach 


The high G gracenotes to the doublngs are very small. This is neccesary to keep the proportions in the doubling pleasing. You will hear this most clearly in the quarter speed videos.
The throws at the end of each part take half the time from the preceding note for the low G.
Most of the high G gracenotes at the beginnings of bars are big gracenotes (relatively speaking). This gives shape to the tune and is a feature of musical grammar.
The G gracenotes in bar 7 and similar places are all quite big. This is musical semantics, indicating the end of the part is coming.

Videos to play along with

High pitch normal speed

High pitch half speed

High pitch quarter speed

Low pitch normal speed

Low pitch half speed

Low pitch quarter speed

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