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The Boar's Head in the Sun

Composed by Lindsay Davidson, 1999
boars head in the sun both voices

About the tune

This tune was composed following a trip to Australia. The Boar's Head is the name of a mountainous outcrop in New South Wales. Whilst there, the composer had the idea for this tune. It is for two groups of pipers more or less evenly balanced. Each piper should choose which line they will play - everyone has the same at the beginning and then choose the bottom or top line.

The idea behind this tune is to represent the raw power and brutality of nature, as can be imagined from what the Boar's Head looked liked from across the lake. It depends upon the big noise made by pipes in harmony playing open fifths (A and E together). It is NOT intended to be played with one voice or the other, but only with both voices together. Anything else will give a false impression of the idea. It is a purely ensemble composition.

The materials are arranged here to help prepare performance, rather than learn how to play. The second voice is slightly quieter than the top voice.

As this tune is prepared purely for performance and not for developing technique thre are no particular tips and te materials below are only at normal tempo.

The music for each voice is shown independently on each video, slightly bigger than in the score above.

Videos to play along with

High pitch both voices

High pitch top voice

High pitch bottom voice

Low pitch both voices

Low pitch top voice

Low pitch bottom voice

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