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In 2007 the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association introduced set tunes for pipe bands competing in Grades Novice, 4A and 4B. They  also introduced arrangements for these tunes.

Not all of the arrangements include the whole tune as traditionally played, and this point is mentioned briefly by the RSPBA in their introduction to the tunes.

Each tune is given here with the arrangement exactly as published by the RSPBA. Five learning comments, or points of discussion for you or your band are given. Five exercises designed to specifically address areas of potential difficulty are included under each tune. Midi files of the tunes in the given arrangements and exercises at two pitches and in three tempi (full speed, half speed and quarter speed) are also included. This means you can send your 'pipers home and they can practice a particular exercise all in an identical way, playing along with the midi file so that when you next meet as a band, you can be sure that everyone has been working on the same thing in the same way.

The list of exercises in this area will give all of the exercises generated for these tunes, organised in terms of technique being adressed and general ensemble technique. They can be found under this link.

In generating the midi files for the tunes, it is becoming more and more obvious that certain small stylistic compromises can be made to immensely enhance the unity of style that your band can play with. That is to say, the rhythmical interpretations are being made with a mind to building a band style of playing that will make future tunes infinitely easier to bring together. Whilst this means slightly less individualism in some tunes, it means maximum progress over the medium term of learning together.

As this is a very large project, please keep coming back. This area of teachyourselfbagpipes was started in late May 2013 and will be updated regularly until completed. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association added another 25 2/4 marches for 2015, which have not yet been addressed (time of writing just 11 April 2015). These tunes will be added in due course, but as the site is undergoing several major developments, this may take some time.

If your band is using these tunes, or would like to be listed here please contact Lindsay Davidson.

If your band has a tune that you would like tohave interpreted and prepared in midi files, according to this model, please contact Lindsay Davidson.

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